"You're amazing, seriously. Your ability to capture the moment and make people feel so comfortable. You made me feel so beautiful and and so pretty, you're amazing and I can't tell you enough, You're incredible. Thank-you so much."


Tania and Simon

The amazing @smekka capturing our little man today. Jaykob loved the camera today which is a credit to Rebecca’s talents. A beautiful girl inside and out.

You’ve outdone yourself here young talented lady. Can’t thank you enough Rebecca. So much ❤️



"This photo was done today with the beautiful @smekka - a woman who I admire for her strength, but also a woman I truly get along with, and connect with. She has a pure and good soul. The nude form is natural and beautiful and a photographer should be so lucky to capture it. A photographer should never take advantage of the trust and vulnerability  that goes into working with nude imagery. Rebecca and I discussed this and my violation after we shot, and I was so grateful to have shot nude with her."


"A few months ago I would have seen this photo and been upset with the way my tummy rolls were showing, but today I look at it and am proud. I love this photo. Thank you @smekka for allowing me to see this in myself once again. <3"