Bec and Andy

Who we are
Hello! Thank you for stopping by and considering us as your wedding photographers! As you already know, I'm Rebecca and this is my partner Andrew. We've been shooting weddings now for over 2 years together. With a background in Television, Andy has a unique eye that is different to my style but they marry as soon as we put photos side by side from your special day ( haha see what I did there!!? MARRY!) ... Our main focus is to capture your wedding as effortlessly and comfortable, most of the time you won't even notice us there. Candid is the best form for us, we don't like to tell you how to pose!

The Process:
It is so important to us that you are felt feeling relaxed and welcome putting the trust in our hands to look after your photographic needs on your wedding day. By the end of every wedding we've shot to date, we've come out feeling like we're part of the family, that's how much fun we have. A coffee with one of us will always happen to discuss what you need from us and how we can help. 

We offer two packages, the first being a 6 hour package that may be suited to you, or we offer a full day (est: 12 hr). If there are any specific requirements or need a little changing in regards to hours, we do have the ability to work around you.

Feel free to send us an email on my ABOUT page to discuss pricing further :).

Final Product:
On average, from wedding to photo delivery, It's an estimated 6 week turnover. Little sneak peaks will be sent here and there because a month and a half after you'e celebrated might seem like a lifetime away!

All selected images are placed on a beautifully hand-crafted wooden usb as well as a keepsake wooden box. From there, we choose 10 of our favourite shots inclusive with the price and add it to your final delivery. 

Mailing or Pick up/ Drop off is entirely up to you.