Hello and welcome to the new edition on my website, Working with Kiddies! Working with Children as a full time job has opened my eyes on how special each moment is with them. They grow up so fast!


Time Slots:
I am willing to work with whatever you requirements are, though I offer one hour sessions with you and your children to get a variety of landscapes and activities within the time given! 

What to bring:
Your beautiful selves and whatever is meaningful for your kids! Sometimes it's quite daunting having a new person around with a big camera so if there is a special toy or item your child finds comfort in it's a really good opportunity to let them feel at ease. As for clothing, simple works best. Try avoiding bold colours and we should be set for gold!

Image access:
I try anywhere between 2-3 weeks to get images ready for postage. Your images will be placed on a beautiful hand crafted USB and mailed out to you. You will always be informed of progress and may get a few sneak peaks along the way.

Feel free to contact me about pricing over at my ABOUT page.