Our Mission:

Project ENDO

Giving women a voice through creativity and being nurtured as we are one step closer to creating awareness for Endometriosis.

Our Mission

Brave women going in depth with their stories of battle, fight for diagnosis and why it's so important to have a voice. Always looking for more women to get involved, click below to learn more. 

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Teaming up with my partner in crime; Andrew, We set you make your special day just that, and get through it with a breeze! With two people photographing your wedding, you'll have every moment captured and not a thing will be missed. It is so important to us that we make you feel comfortable and at ease with any requests and requirements you have from us prior to and on your day. We LOVE love! Follow through to see more....

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A little about me...

Hi I'm Rebecca, a Melbourne based photographer focusing on capturing natural beauty and all things developed from the state of subconscious. I'm constantly challenging myself in new ways to capture life's events in a way that depicts the rawest form of people and their surroundings. 

I capture many different styles of work, whether it be fine art and head shots, though I also shoot weddings with my significant other (how romantic.... right..?)

I love hearing from people. If you'd like to say hi, collaborate on some projects or just have a general enquiry, use the form below to get in touch.

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This is something close to home and want to make public. Check out the stories i'm collecting and displaying to get an insight.

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